Jefferson Center for Global Engagement

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In an increasingly global academic ecosystem, the opportunities are unbounded for leveraging international institutional partnerships to give life to our vision for redefining humanly possible.

Studying the Biggest Challenges

“Society’s biggest challenges cannot be solved by working in geographic, intellectual or professional silos. The more we engage around the globe — the more our graduates see themselves as citizens of the world — the more successful we will all be.”
— Mark L. Tykocinski, MD
  President, Thomas Jefferson University; The Anthony F. and Gertrude M. DePalma Dean, Sidney Kimmel Medical College

A Global Education

Jefferson prepares its graduates to thrive in a global economy that increasingly requires working across borders, cultures, disciplines and professions. We empower them to curate their own lifelong education and to nurture their capacity to adapt to the dynamic 21st-century world of work. We encourage them to be global citizens: eager to absorb the diverse kinds of knowledge the world offers; ready to take on the challenges the world confronts.

Nurturing a global perspective is, for example, central to our Hallmarks Undergraduate Core Curriculum—which cultivates the specific ‘human-centered skills’ that graduates need to thrive throughout their careers. And working with real world challenges is fundamental to Nexus Learning, Jefferson’s pioneering pedagogical model that actively brings students into the world for hands-on projects, directly engaging with professionals such as textile manufacturers in Europe, architects in Africa, public health researchers in Latin America or biotech leaders in Asia.

Research & Discovery

Jefferson research has global impact: pursuing knowledge and applying new information, ideas and methods to improve life for individuals, communities and nations. Our student and faculty researchers are engaged in study projects and collaborative programs in scores of countries, across six continents.

Global engagement enhances our students’ capacities to work within varied cultures; to integrate diverse perspectives; and to navigate the changing professional demands of the global marketplace. Jefferson faculty and researchers are pursuing answers to some of society’s most important questions and solutions to pressing challenges. Our partnerships with institutions around the world are expanding our reach and our technical capacities—empowering us to have deeper, broader impact. Jefferson engages the world in myriad ways and places—and that engagement is steadily growing.

Kathleen P. Gallagher, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer