Jefferson’s Global Centers

Today’s Global Jefferson builds on decades of engagement with people and institutions around the world. The University’s regionally focused centers, consortia, and initiatives are powerful engines for sustaining and expanding our dynamic international community—continuously creating opportunities for Jeffersonians to engage in education, research and health care worldwide, and welcoming guests from around the globe to our home in the Philadelphia region.


Office of International Affairs

The Jefferson Center for Global Engagement (JCGE) is a powerful engine for advancing globally focused education, research and institutional collaborations across the University. JCGE provides well-resourced, expert oversight, support and technical expertise to existing programs. JCGE oversees Jefferson’s Office of International Affairs, which onboards and advises international students, clinicians and scholars coming to the University—offering one-to-one mentoring and group workshops. The Office also celebrates international cultures around campus, such as participating in the College of Life Sciences culture festival.


Office of Global Affairs Team

(left to right): Simal Thind, Jesse Bradford-Rogers, Parth Lalakia, Richard Derman, Danielle DeSantis, Anmol Patted